How to Win the Lotto (Secret Combinations Revealed)


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How to win the lotto (Secret combinations revealed)

How do you win the lotto? What are the secret combinations that will guarantee you will win, all the time? So that you will finally be able to pay off all your debts, so that you can buy that dream home, car and take that dream vacation! So that your financial future will forever be secured and you will never have to worry about money ever again…

How do you win the lotto? It’s going to be all revealed today. And if you’re thinking – is this too good to be true? Is this a scam? I promise you – the things you’ll learn in today are all legal, it is simple, and best of all, its 100% effective – in fact, its how many of the rich people today, became rich!

So if you’re ready – then let’s get started.

In order to win the lotto (and yes, all the time) – you need to remember this code. And it might seem weird at first, but I promise you it will make sense in just a bit.

Make sure you also have your pen and paper and write this down – because it will reveal to you the winning combination no matter what kind of lotto you play.

Are you ready… here’s the code.

D.P.L. because W.I.A.C. so C.t.b.W – now this code comes in three parts and I will explain them one at a time.

DPL. This Stands for: Don’t Play Lotto!

That’s the first part! That’s how you win all the time, every time, guaranteed – Don’t play Lotto!

Okay now before you close this video, hear me out. If you came here to watch this video to really learn the winning lotto combinations, just listen to this.

Playing the lotto for fun or for entertainment is okay. Masaya naman talaga paminsan minsan isipin kung anong gagawin mo kung manalo ka ng 100 million jackpot….

But if you play the lotto with the sincere belief that it is your way out of all your financial problems… If you play the lotto hoping na ito ang magiging sagot sa lahat ng problema mo pag dating sa pera, then I’m really sorry to tell you this – talo ka na agad.

If you want to have financial abundance. Lotto is not the answer, in fact, lotto is the exact opposite step towards financial progress. Bakit?

Because when you’re playing the lotto – it’s saying to the world.. na swertihan lang ang pag yaman. It’s a statement saying that achieving wealth is just pure luck. And if you believe that, if you think that swertihan lang ang pagyaman, then again I’m sorry you will never become wealthy.

I know that life can be tough, you can be the most hardworking person, being a single parent, having to support your 3 children, and possibly even your brothers and sisters, or you might have been through a tragic accident that wiped out your entire life savings… and it just feels hopeless… it just feels like you’ll forever be stuck in the rat race… isang kahig isang tuka… and when you’re in this place… there’s a huge temptation to dream and hope that maybe if you just win the lotto and all your problems will go away… That there will be this magical instant solution where all of life’s challenges will just disappear.. And its easier to go through life, thinking that its all just really based on luck.. na swertihan lang talaga

But no. Even if life is tough, you should never surrender your future to luck and chance. You should never give up and say, bahala na si Batman.

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Now if you’re still here watching – then that means you’re ready for the second part of the code.

The second part is:

W.I.A.C. That Means: Wealth is a Choice

Ang pagyaman ay isang desisyon.

Wealth is not achieved thru chance or luck. It’s not achieved through picking the right number combination… no, no, no. Wealth is determined by your everyday decisions. The decisions you make now, tomorrow, a year from now… all of those will have an impact to your financial situation.

Sure, luck will sometimes be a factor. Win a raffle there. Get a gift here… but the impact of luck… is always just short term. Your financial decisions will still determine your long term results.

Just consider the stories of all the people you might know who already won the lotto before. There are jackpot winners who won millions of pesos but after 5 years later, it’s all gone, they are back to where they started. Or you might know someone who didn’t win millions, but maybe a couple of hundreds of thousands… sure winning that changed their life over the next 2, 3 months… but after… what happened? Ganun pa rin.

In the long term, it will be your financial decisions that will determine your results.

It is your financial decisions that determine your results in the long term. Click To Tweet

With that said, let us now go to the last part of the code.

So the first two parts are…

DPL because WIAC. Don’t play lotto because wealth is a choice.

The third part is… so CTBW.

CTBW Stands for: Choose to be Wealthy.

Because wealth is a choice… then we should be choosing to be wealthy.

Every day, we make decisions, big and small, and each decision will either make your poorer or wealthier.

  • Did you upsize your fries and drink?
  • Did you canvass before you bought that new piece of furniture?
  • Did you really consider all your options before you made your investment?
  • Did you read the fine print of the contract you just signed?
  • Will you fake a sick leave just to get out of work?
  • Will you have that courage to look for a better job?
  • Will you lend your relative the money they need?

You know all these decisions, we make every day. Some of them will obviously be big and requires active thought, but many of them are seemingly small and insignificant. But all of them have an impact to your long-term wealth.

Now the big challenge here is that many people actually do not know which decisions lead to wealth and which leads to poverty. Maraming tao, ay hindi alam, kung ano ba yung alin choice ba ang papunta sa pagyaman, at alin ang papuntang kahirapan.

Some choices, may seem like you’re getting richer, when in fact you’re getting poorer.

For example, a person has a dream of owning his own brand new car. So this person takes out a bank loan for 5 years, to get this brand new car, 5 years loan because that’s what he can afford. So seemingly this person may seem rich… wow bagong kotse… but in actually this person just became poorer – because every month he has an obligation to pay the bank.

And the reason he can’t resign, or the reason he can’t invest yet, the reason why he can’t take any unpaid leaves, is because every month he has to pay the bank for the car loan. So yes, bagong kotse nga… pero tali ka naman sa bangko. Is that really the path to wealth? It’s something that deserves more attention.

Now we’re not saying that all bank loans are bad. That would depend on each individual’s financial circumstances and goals.

The important part is… you on your own, be able to recognize which choices lead to wealth, and you take those decisions. And the way to do that is to educate yourself financially.

Read financial books, attend seminars, get online training, learn about money management, budgeting, insurance, investing, taxation, business… so that you will never say the words… “akala ko kasi…”.

There are a lot of things to learn when it comes to money. You don’t have to learn them all at once – but the key is, you get started with your financial education. You have to start somewhere. Because that’s how you get to start experiencing financial progress.

So, how do you win the lotto, all the time? What is the secret combination?

It’s DPL because WIAC so CTBW.

Don’t play lotto.

Because wealth is a choice.

So choose to be wealthy.

And if you’re someone who watched this video really hoping to get the secret winning lotto combination… and you’re still here even though you learned that lotto is not the answer. Then I have to say – congratulations. Congratulations for taking responsibility for your financial future. Congratulations for watching this financial education video. It is our best hope that you stop playing the lotto and more importantly keep educating yourself about money. Because that is the true formula and secret for winning the game of wealth.

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  • John

    Reply Reply 9 February 2017

    Hi J3,

    I thought you will give us a winning combination number? ha,ha, Just kidding! you’ve done a great job.



    • J3 Patino

      Reply Reply 11 February 2017

      Hahaha – I enjoyed making this video knowing that there would be really some people wanting to win the lotto hehehe.

  • Win

    Reply Reply 9 February 2017

    Awesome and empowering video again from J3!

  • Salue

    Reply Reply 15 February 2017

    I will definitely show this video to my Father. 🙂 Thanks for this.

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